Let's Get Spicy: Spicy Turmeric Blend

Welcome back to the Let's Get Spicy series! Through this series, I will introduce you to each of my small batch, hand-crafted spice blends, giving you a little bit of the history behind each blend, a story or two of how I first discovered them or what inspired them, some non-recipe-recipes for when you don't have the time or interest to get too involved in cooking, and some full-blown recipes for when you really want to dig in. Next up, my Spicy Turmeric Blend!

Unlike some of my other spice blends, my Spicy Turmeric Blend is not so much my take on a traditional spice blend so much as the result of years of my experimenting with turmeric and ending up with this, one of my go-to ways to kick up the flavor of pretty much any dish.

Turmeric, a root related to ginger that is found commonly in South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines, has long been believed to have significant health benefits. It has high levels of minerals such as manganese, potassium, and phosphorus in addition to being a goo