Sometimes Life Hands you Lemons... or Limes

Updated: Feb 10

When I started this Blog last year, I intended for it to be a place where I could share good things - however small those might be. Most of my "good things" involve food because, let's be honest, food is good. Plus it's what I'm best at. But the truth is that life itself isn't always good. Sometimes life hands you lemons - or in my case limes - and you just have to do your best to turn them into lemonade - or in my case margaritas.

One thing I don't write about much is my family's personal life. That's mostly because, well, it's no one else's business (in other words, it's personal), but also because I don't really like being the center of attention. I prefer to do my own thing and do it relatively quietly. But I've decided that there is value to sharing my lime story. Value for me in that it's kind of therapeutic and perhaps value for others if they find something comforting or funny or helpful in my experience. So, here goes... I'm about to step WAY outside my comfort zone here.

It was some time last Summer when I noticed a lump on my neck just below my left ear as I was putting on a mask to leave my house one day. (Can I get an amen for masks, by the way?!) It kind of felt like a swollen lymph node at first, like when you get a cold, so I didn't worry too much about it. But it didn't go away. So I scheduled a phone call with my doctor (because, you know, Covid), who was concerned enough to refer me to an ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) specialist. He immediately sent me for an MRI, which confirmed that I had a mass that started just below my ear and extended up toward the bottom of my skull. You can see it below on the right-hand side of the image, just below my ear. (The little dot on the outside is a Vitamin E tablet they taped to my skin to mark where the tumor was.)