Cajun cuisine is the tasty result of the mixing of the culinary traditions of French settlers and African and Caribbean slaves in Louisiana hundreds of years ago. At once comforting and sophisticated, Cajun food is far more interesting than most give it credit for. This spice blend combines Mexican oregano, Spanish paprika, pepper, onion, garlic, cayenne and salt. It's great on seafood (especially crustaceans like shrimp or crab), steak, or chicken; mixed into mayonnaise to make a delightful sandwich spread; or in your favorite etouffe or gumbo recipe.

Cajun Spice Blend

  • A Bite of Good Spice Blends are hand-crafted in small batches from top-quality herbs and spices. They are packaged in air-tight, reusable glass jars which are sealed with tamper-evident packaging.