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Attorney turned Chef turned Pandemic Housewife turned Small Business Owner searching for A Bite of Good in every day.


A decade ago I was a senior litigation associate on the track toward partnership at a well-respected law firm, and by all accounts I should have been happy. But - shock, surprise - I wasn't. Where I found happiness back then was in a little passion project that had me writing about food and wine and catering small dinner parties on the weekends. So I put away the business suits and picked up a chef coat. I put myself through culinary school and eventually landed a gig as the Executive Chef for a ferry company, running four restaurants in two terminal locations in Southern California. Life was pretty good. And then came Covid-19.


My restaurants were forced to shutter and, even after the lifting of some local health department restrictions, our unique locations and business model just made it infeasible to reopen. 

Suddenly a housewife with an abundance of time on my hands, I quickly found myself becoming overwhelmed by the news and my own helplessness. My house was spotless (hello, rage cleaning), and my family was well-fed (quarantine-and-bake, anyone?), but my anxiety about the world was sitting like a bomb in my gut.

That's when I realized that although I couldn't fix the big things spinning out of control in the world, I could absolutely adjust my focus onto what was good, no matter how small. And, once again, the universe brought me back to food - writing about it, making it, sharing it. 


Thus was born A Bite of Good. Initially this was just a website and blog focused on finding the little morsels of goodness in every day, whether that was a recipe or a laugh. As time (and the pandemic) marched on, I turned it into an actual business when I started selling the small batch, hand-crafted spice blends and other gourmet foods that I had been making for myself for years. My product lineup has evolved and grown over time, and you can now find them in several retail locations as well as here on my website.  


Are you stuck in a cooking rut and need some inspiration? Check out my Blog for ideas and recipes.

Are you looking to spice up your own cooking or need a gift for one of the cooks in your life? Visit my Shop for some great gift ideas.

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