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Need Some Good? I've Got You.

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

It's mid-July 2020, which means that, no matter who you are or where in the world you live, it's been a crazy f*cking year. From a #globalpandemic

that is literally feeding off of human stupidity to damn #murderhornets

(remember those?!), it feels a bit like we are all competing in a large-scale version of the Hunger Games, and the odds don't seem to be in anyone's favor.

While it is easy to become overwhelmed/sad/anxious/angry/insert-your-emotion-here amid all the madness, it is incredibly important to remember that there is still good in the world. Maybe it's the smell of a perfect cup of coffee or the late afternoon sun reflecting off a set of west-facing windows. Maybe it's the full-body wag your dog gives you when you walk in the front door or the sound of waves lapping at the sand as you take a nap on an empty beach. Perhaps it's the first mouthwatering bite of your favorite dish or seeing someone next to you on the freeway rocking out to a song you can't hear but you find yourself dancing anyway. These things are all undeniably good, but when was the last time you actually stopped to appreciate a moment like one of these? Life is hard. And stressful. Especially right now.

Well that, my friends, is where this blog comes in. I am making it my mission to find and share goodness wherever I can, be it a recipe I love, a funny story I heard, or a recommendation for a book I couldn't put down. I'm not suggesting that we all ignore the bad news or gloss over the hard stuff. And I'm not preaching some pop psychology gospel of positivity here. I wear glasses, but they aren't rose-colored. If it's true, however, that positive thinking can have actual psychological and health benefits, then making the effort to find a little goodness in our daily lives sounds way better than cutting carbs or giving up wine. Because, let's be honest, that's NEVER going to happen.

Side note: I fully recognize that "good" is subjective, and I expect that there will be occasions where people will disagree with my opinions. That's fine. You are welcome to never read my blog again, but please keep your negativity to yourself because the rest of us are just trying to find a little good to get us through.

In the meantime, please allow me to start out with some goodness that no one can dispute - a #shamelessanimalphoto of my dog yawning while curled up under her sleeping bag on a recent camping trip.

If that doesn't make you smile, then I'm not sure anything can. If, on the other hand, that little nibble of goodness makes you hungry for more, fear not, for there will be plenty more to come.

In the meantime, hang in there and look for #abiteofgood in your own life today. I bet you'll find one.

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