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As a self-professed pickle lover, it was only a matter of time before I created a blend inspired by pickling spices. Kind of a Big Dill is a tangy, garlicky, slightly spicy blend that is, well, kind of a big deal. Try it mixed into some Greek yogurt with some chopped pickles and a splash of lemon juice for a pickl-y twist on tzaziki. Or sprinkle it on your popcorn or use it to season your next vinaigrette. The possibilities are endless!


Available March through May.


Ingredients: Dill, Black Pepper, Brown Mustard Seed, Garlic, Coriander, Kosher Salt, Allspice, Bay Leaf, and California Chile


Read more about Kind of a Big Dill in my Meet the Spice Blend series here.

Kind of a Big Dill

  • A Bite of Good Spice Blends are hand-crafted in small batches from top-quality herbs and spices. They are packaged in air-tight, reusable glass jars which are sealed with tamper-evident packaging.

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