Charred Corn and Tolucan Green Chorizo Chowder

Sweet summer corn is coming into its peak right now, which means our household is pretty much made of corn kernels at this point. Not that I'm complaining. Whether it's raw, grilled, sauteed, popped, roasted, or creamed I kind of can't get enough corn this time of year, so I thought I'd share one of my favorite ways to use it - Charred Corn and Tolucan Green Chorizo Chowder.

What the hell is green chorizo, you ask? Well, we are lucky enough to live in San Pedro, CA, where our friend The Choriman makes some of the best damn artisan chorizo you will ever find. Like, ever. And while his breakfast burritos have become a weekend staple for our family, I love even more that he sells his chorizo by the pound so that I can cook with it at home. He makes several variations, all of which are delicious, but our favorite is the Tolucan Green Chorizo, which is like nothing you've ever tasted and SO INCREDIBLY GOOD.

I get that not everyone will be able to get Choriman chorizo, so you can substitute other soft chorizo