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Finding Balance in the Shortest Day: A Small Business Owner's Solstice Reflection

As the Winter Solstice bathes the world in hushed darkness, it holds a unique magic for small business owners. It's not just a cosmic pit stop, it's a potent pause button between the hustle of the year and the whispers of the next. For me, this year, it feels like an especially necessary reset and opportunity for reflection.

Winter Solstice

2023 has been a whirlwind. The wins have been exhilarating, the setbacks humbling. Through it all, I've collected a sack of lessons heavier than my holiday shopping bag. Some shimmer like polished gems – the resilience of my family, the power of community, the sweet satisfaction of exceeding a difficult goal. Others hold the weight of experience – the sting of a missed opportunity, the feeling of burnout (especially as the holidays loomed), the echoes of customer feedback that whispered room for improvement.

This Solstice, I'm not just sipping Peppermint Hot Cocoa by the fire; I'm sifting through that sack of lessons. Like sorting seeds for spring planting, I'm separating the treasures to nurture in 2024 from the shadows to release. I'm acknowledging the sacrifices made, honoring the triumphs earned, and most importantly, listening to the whispers of what my business, and I, truly need.

Solstice Reflection

This might look like carving out space for personal growth and well-being. It might mean redefining success not just by the bottom line, but by the meaningful connections made with my customers and the positive impact I make in my community. It might mean letting go of old, rigid structures and embracing flexibility, allowing the business to bloom like a wildflower instead of straining to fit a mold. It might mean rethinking my product lineup - or at least what is available when - so that I can focus more on seasonality and continue to find opportunities for creativity rather than simply focusing on production.

The Winter Solstice isn't just a day of darkness; it's the moment the light begins its slow return. And for me, as a small business owner, it's the spark that ignites my vision for 2024. A year where success and balance dance hand-in-hand, where growth whispers not from frantic pushing, but from intentional tending. This year, I'm stepping into the light, seeds in hand, ready to cultivate a business that reflects not just what I've learned, but who I want to be as a small business owner and as a person. I don't know exactly what this will look like yet, but I am thankful for the opportunity to reflect.

So, fellow small business owners, let's raise a toast to the darkness, to the lessons learned, and to the dawn of a new year where prosperity and well-being bloom in equal measure. Happy Solstice, and to a 2024 overflowing with light, balance, and success both for you and your ventures.

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