Pork Tacos al Relajo "Pastor"

I don't know about you, but I've pretty much never met a taco I didn't love. Corn or flour. Soft or crispy. Beef, pork, chicken, chorizo, shrimp, fish, or veggie. I'm there. But of all the tacos I've ever had (and I've had.... A LOT), a good Taco al Pastor might be my favorite.

Now, real al Pastor tacos are made by cooking thinly sliced marinated pork on a rotating vertical spit from which the cooked meat is then sliced to order directly onto warm corn tortillas and topped with nothing more than some cilantro and onion. If you've never had legit al Pastor tacos, put it on your food bucket list because they are AMAZING.

The recipe that follows is NOT for traditional Tacos al Pastor. That recipe would involve a number of ingredients that probably aren't found in the average person's pantry, and even I don't have a vertical rotating spit (though that might have to make it onto my wish list). Instead, the recipe that follows is kind of a short cut al "Pastor." Hence the quotation marks. It just so happens that my Five-Chile Relajo spice blend contains many of the same ingredients found in traditional al Pastor marinade recipes. But I've already done all the work of toasting and grinding all those chiles, seeds, and nuts.

One of the main reasons I started making my small batch, hand-crafted spice blends was that I wanted to make it easier for people to explore the flavors of different cuisines without necessarily needing to invest in lots of extra ingredients or equipment. If you like the flavors I've introduced you to, you can delve deeper into that cuisine, learn more about it, and seek out more traditional recipes and techniques.

So no, this recipe isn't meant to replace that trip to Mexico City to eat your weight in tacos (which is a trip I HIGHLY recommend). But it sure will get you excited about planning that trip because, let's be honest. Tacos. Are. Life.

Now let's get cooking, shall we?