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Meet the Spice Blend - Autumn Spice

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Welcome to the next installment of my Meet the Spice Blend series, where I'm sharing the inspiration for, back stories of, and uses for my ever-expanding collection of small batch, handcrafted spice blends. Next up, let's meet one of my seasonal blends, Autumn Spice!!

autumn spice
Autumn Spice

The Inspiration - Take "Pumpkin Spice" but Make It So Much Better

Pumpkin Spice. You either love it or hate it, but you definitely know it. How could you not? Every year around early- to mid-August (long before the weather actually turns autumnal) it begins popping up in everything from lattes to deserts to candles to home goods to you-name-it. It is literally everywhere. And I'm not exactly mad about it. Autumn is, in fact, my absolute favorite season. I love the chill in the morning air (especially as Summers get hotter and hotter), the gradual change in the color of the leaves, and the shift in seasonal produce. I love busting out my cozy sweaters and curling up under a warm blanket at the end of the day. I love it all. I love Fall. But "pumpkin spice"? Meh.

The term "pumpkin spice" first appeared in a pumpkin pie recipe from the McCormick spice company in the 1950s, and a quick peek at a jar of McCormick Pumpkin Pie Spice lists the ingredients as Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg, Allspice, and Sulfiting Agents. In other words, all the warming spices traditionally used in making a pumpkin pie (except, of course "sulfiting agents," whatever those are). Now, I don't mean to knock pumpkin pie here. I've had some heavenly versions. But let's be honest, more often than not, pumpkin pie is an underwhelming, vaguely gelatinous, barely-spiced afterthought that most people eat once a year on Thanksgiving and never think about again.

So, when I decided to create my own version of the eponymous fall spice blend, I wanted something that would transcend its gourd-ish roots. Enter Autumn Spice, my special blend of Ceylon Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Allspice, Cloves, Ginger, and Cardamom. No "sulfiting agents." Just the good stuff to make you and your autumnal goodies feel all the warm and fuzzies.

Flavor Profile - Autumn Spice

This exquisite blend is everything you love about Autumn flavors and more. The Ceylon cinnamon offers a sweet and delicate undertone, while the nutmeg provides a rich, earthy note. Allspice adds a hint of warmth and complexity, complemented by the bold and aromatic presence of cloves. The zing of ginger adds a pleasant spiciness, and the luxurious touch of cardamom infuses the blend with a captivating floral and citrusy essence. This enchanting medley of spices creates a truly indulgent experience, perfect for elevating autumn-inspired dishes and infusing cozy treats with a unique and unforgettable flavor.

Versatility in the Kitchen - Autumn Spice

Autumn Spice isn't just for making coffee drinks and baking (although we do a lot of both with it around here)! Here are some creative and delicious ways to use Autumn Spice in your home cooking:

1. Pumpkin Spice Pancakes or Waffles: Add a teaspoon or two of Autumn Spice to your pancake or waffle batter for a seasonal and comforting breakfast treat. Top with maple syrup for a perfect fall indulgence.

2. Roasted Vegetables: Toss your favorite fall vegetables like sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and carrots with a drizzle of olive oil and a generous sprinkle of Autumn Spice before roasting. The blend will infuse the veggies with warm and aromatic flavors.

3. Applesauce: Stir Autumn Spice into homemade (or store-bought) applesauce for a nostalgic and cozy side dish or a delicious topping for desserts.

4. Autumn Spice Granola: Create a crunchy and flavorful granola mix by adding the spice blend to your oats, nuts, and dried fruits before baking. Enjoy it as a breakfast cereal or a snack.

5. Spiced Smoothie: Enhance your morning smoothie by blending in a small amount of Autumn Spice. It goes particularly well with banana, apple, or pumpkin-based smoothies.

6. Mulled Cider or Wine: Simmer apple cider or red wine with a few teaspoons of Autumn Spice to make a comforting and fragrant mulled beverage. Serve it warm for a delightful drink during chilly evenings.

7. Autumn Spice Ice Cream: Mix the spice blend into a vanilla ice cream base for a delightful and unique frozen treat.

8. Spiced Nuts: Toss your favorite nuts with a little melted butter or honey and a sprinkling of Autumn Spice before roasting them in the oven. They'll become a delicious and addictive snack.

9. Autumn Spice Marinade: Create a marinade by mixing the spice blend with olive oil, a touch of honey, and some citrus juice. Use it to marinate chicken, pork, or tofu for a delectable main course.

Remember, Autumn Spice is versatile and can be used in both sweet and savory dishes, so feel free to experiment and add a touch of seasonal charm to your cooking!

A Bite of Good Recipes that use Autumn Spice

Looking for some more concrete guidance on how to use Autumn Spice? Check out these A Bite of Good recipes!

Air Fryer Autumn Spice Apple Cider Donuts - This was one of the first things I just HAD to make when I first got an air fryer and might just be reason enough to have your own.

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte - Skip Starbucks. You'll save yourself time and money AND have a far superior latte.

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer - Don't have an espresso machine but still want those PSL vibes? I've got you!

Pumpkin-Cranberry Scones - Scones are an absolutely underrated baked good. There I said it. I will die on this hill if necessary. But it won't be necessary because you're going to love these babies as much as I do.

Autumn Spice Pancake Mix - This recipe makes a big ol' batch of mix... enough for FOUR big batches of pancakes!

Ready to get your own Autumn Spice? It will be available starting September 1, but you can pre-order it here.

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