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New Fun Names, Same Great Blends!

After nearly three years of professional spice blend making, I've learned A TON. And one of my favorite lessons (if you want to call it that) is that product names matter. Like, A LOT. Indeed, my most popular spice blends are by far the ones with the creative names - the Good on Everything Rub or California Seaside, for example.

So, as part of the A Bite of Good brand refresh I'm taking the opportunity to re-name some of my blends that have, well, less than exciting names. I had so much fun coming up with these, and I hope they tickle your fancy as much as they do mine.

Just click on the names to link to the product pages to learn more about ingredients and suggested uses! And be sure to follow @abiteofgood on Instagram and Facebook for even more inspiration!!


Cajun Spice Blend 👉🏼 Born on the Bayou

Chai Masala 👉🏼 To Live and Chai in LA

Coffee-Chile Spice Rub 👉🏼 Dark Roast Dreams

Far East Spice Blend 👉🏼 Cashew Chile Crunch

Five-Chile Harissa 👉🏼 Harissa Lookin' at You, Kid

Five-Chile Relajo 👉🏼 Holé Molé

Frutti di Mare 👉🏼 Mambo Italiano

Garam Masala 👉🏼 Warming Edition

Jerk Spice 👉🏼 Caribbean Queen

Lemon Pepper Spice Blend 👉🏼 Sgt. Lemon Pepper

Ranch Spice Blend 👉🏼 Talk Herby to Me

Ras el Hanout 👉🏼 Top Shelf Secret

Spicy Turmeric Blend 👉🏼 California Gold

Taco Spice 👉🏼 Baja Fiesta

Toasted Coconut Turmeric Blend 👉🏼 Tropical Sunshine

Za'atar Spice Blend 👉🏼 Electric Za'atar

Dijon Mustard Spice Blend 👉🏼 Dijon-Vu All Over Again

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