Preserved Lemons

It's no secret that I love citrus. A quick look at my Shop reveals no fewer than 10 spice blends that include one type of citrus or another as a key ingredient. But when I'm looking for a really bright pop of lemon, I almost always turn to Preserved Lemons. An ingredient found in many of my favorite Moroccan (and other North African/Middle Eastern) dishes, Preserved Lemons are this perfect combination of salty and sour and should absolutely be present in any well-stocked pantry. I love to sprinkle it on seafood, mix it into homemade tzaziki, or add it to vinaigrettes, and it's one of my favorite additions to any dish that uses my Five-Chile Harissa, such as this Spicy Crab Pasta with Harissa and Preserved Lemon, or this One-Pan Harissa Chicken Thighs with Brussels Sprout and Kale Orzo, or this Harissa and White Bean Stew.

Though you can find Preserved Lemons in most specialty grocery stores these days (or in my Shop), they are actually quite easy to make yourself, provided you have the foresight to plan ahead, as they require at least 30 days to cure or ripen. I love preparing several jars whenever I have extra lemons laying around (or when my neighbors bring me a big ol' bag of fruit from their tree!). They keep for up to a year, so don't be afraid to make several jars at a time. You'll either have plenty on hand for when you start using them in basically everything you cook or you'll have a stash of perfect gifts for all your favorite foodies.

So let's get preserving, shall we?